The Disappointment of Primary School Dance-Classes

Since primary school kids benefit the most out of our social couples dance because their brains make new paths and brain-cells the best and quickest from this magical social couples-dance, we thought that primary-school kids would flock to our dance club to obtain this life-skill. We believed parents would take action if they knew what the benefits of our dance is and that our classes would have 1000 or more kids in a class. This was, however, not at all the case.

It seems parents want their children to learn to dance in the shortest time, which is in any case not possible even if they learn to dance incorrectly from solo-dance instructors, assuming that their children will be able to “help” themselves at dance-functions. The fact is that attending a crash course results in the inability to “help” yourself at any functions because it takes a long time to build dance-confidence and to understand what you are doing on the dance-floor.

Parents also seem to think that attending dance classes is merely learning to move about to music. Most parents in Bloemfontein can’t comprehend that social couples dancing could reverse brain damage, get children naturally to focus to the extent they are taken off Ritalin, that behavior become outstandingly impressive, controlled and disciplined. Parents cannot seem to foresee that their children would make quality friends in the primary dance classes to the degree that they go on holiday as a group after they’ve graduated from school. These are all things that have already physically happened.

Parents also don’t seem to understand that week by week, year by year, it is necessary to reinact a socially developed nature so as to grow into it.

Children who have danced at our dance club for more than 5 years and have started dancing in primary school, are different to the ones who attend class when they are already in high school and have taken lessons for only a year or less.

Our syllabus is similar to attending school and dancers who only dance for a year or less can be compared to school for only having grade 1. Boys and men function on short-term memory, so they need to attend class for any type of skill, activity or even sport weekly for many years to make that skill their own and to excel in it.

Many parents say the primary school kids don’t retain their knowledge long like high-school kids and older dancers, so what is the point of letting them dance at such a young age. The crux of the matter is that brain-paths are formed better when the child is young, resulting in becoming more intelligent because dormant areas in the brain are activated that cause the individual to excel better academically, since there are more areas in the brain that are functioning. This can happen with older dancers as well, however, it takes a very long time where as in primary school children it happens very quickly.

We have tried very hard to bring this home to parents and soon to-be parents to no avail. Our classes never had more than 12 couples and on top of that we had to compete with extramural school-activities, which caused especially the boys to be more on the sport-field than at dance-class where the boy can actually develop for future advantage. This resulted in many times only having 3 or 4 out of the 6, 8 or 10 dancers in a class to attend their dance class. This is not feasible nor good for progress. Developed and clever men with good social exposure will not give away their country. The social and dance development and exposure the primary school dancers get would cause them to think differently to others and be more open-minded than others for creating a better world. The handful of parents who understood, took the action and stuck it out with their children from primary school to university at our dance club are for sure reaping the rewards, and those rewards or results are so gigantic, it is something money cannot buy. Like so many have said in the past, our dancing is the best investment they’ve ever made.

Because the majority of parents don’t understand this and don’t want to hear this, we have decided not to continue with primary-school classes even though our own biological children have benefited from this remarkable activity and can be used as proof.