Partner Dance Club

Partner Dance Club, also known as Lads Partner Dance Club & Grey College Dance Club, is the leading institute to learn any form of social partner-dance or pairs-dance. We have internationally qualified dance instructors with 34-plus-years experience in social couples-dance instruction.

At Partner Dance Club we teach all the dances listed below and also strongly promote and specialize in the local South African heritage dances such as the Sokkie, South African Two-Step and Boerewals.

Learning to dance is a long walk, however, members of our dance-club who participate in all our activities diligently, attend their classes regularly and practice all the new steps and elements as required, learn very quickly. Social pairs-dance is a life-skill and lifestyle dancing, with countless advantages, a person will use for the rest of your life.

We offer different levels of dance: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Supreme Gold, Open Gold, Championship Gold and soon Platinum. Beginners start at Bronze NewComers with the foundation dances to lay a proper foundation in Ballroom, Latin American, RocknRoll, and South African Heritage Dances.


We teach the following dances:


Casual Ball

Latin American

Theatre Arts

Rock 'n Roll

Casual Spot

Group Dances


Casual Dances

Dance Steps



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Die ervaring van Sosiale Pare Dansers

Public Dance Function

High School Social Nov 2019